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tv   Fox 45 Morning News  FOX  July 25, 2011 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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3 you're lookiig live at inner harbor where we saw a scorcher ooer the weekend.the chances you''l have to deal with those temperatures again.. anntime soon.. coming up in your skywatch forecast. 3p3 p, monday, july 25th
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3 3 p0 map &p p baltimore faaher pleeds foo his aby's safe return.his 7-mooth old haa been missiig since friday.this morning, a despprate search continues. megan gilliland iss ere with
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more on where police believe the aby may be. good mmrning patrice, with parents of little ki'yauhn birch are getting ore distraught. they're pleading p-mmnth-old."you got have somee kinda heart...he ain't walling around baltimore city..... (tears) " "the boys fathee... charlie birch... says 16 year old jonae boozer dated one of his friends...he ssys, boozer came by his house oo lyndhurst street friiay night... asking &pforrfood...and when birch wen to get a cigarette... he says boozer took off with his son. "she was gone like she just your motive?" son, what's -
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jonae boozer issaablack femmle....around 5''... andd about 155 pounds.she has several piercings on her face. baltimore city police need your help.if yoo have any information, please call detectives att410 396 2100. police say they've recieved tips suggesting that boozer prince geooge's county area. megan gillilaad, fox45 morning newss 3&some b-g-e customers are heated... over an emergency power reduction that left them withhut air conditioniig during one of the ottest days in marylaad history. histtry.some cuutomers went pithout a-c for more thannsixx hours friiay... affer the utility company implemented &prestrictions to conserve energy.turns out it's ll part of b-g-e's "peak rewards" program.... which giies customers an annual rebatt of up to 200 uccs... iffthey're willing o tolerate rotating putoffs of their air's the first &ptime in four yeers b-g-e took such steps.but some customers
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feel... theecutbacks were too 09:15 "and in the middle of a afternoon."b-g-e says they will review their communications... and clearly remind everyone of how the program works.they want everrone to know circumstannes pn friday were unusual because of the extreme heat... but alss becaase tteir transformers... which has since beee fixed. an end to theennf-l lockout could happen as arly as today. todaa.n-f-l players aasocation members ppan to meet in d-c to review the collective bargaining agreement and vote. owners already pproved a tentative aggeemmnt o end thh &pfour-month lockoot on thhrsday. if all goes well today ... the lockout will end... and the full regular training camp couud start as early as next onday. tracc construction begins today... for the baltimore grand's expected to intersectiin of prrtt aad -
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race ttack wall will be placee... signifying the staat of conssruction onnthe 2-mile temporary street circuit. thousands areeexpected to attend the event... whichh takes place september 2nd to 4th. after more than a century of palter reed army hospital is - ssutting ts doors. on weeneeday... the hospital will retire its ceremonial flags. the facility will then move too a new locationnin bethesda... ssmetime next onth.the on septtmber 15th. ially close - pirates! that's the recipe for a perfect day if you're a morring on the water. foundation" is all bout. about. joel d. ssith is liveeat he inner harbor as the swashbuckkers prepareeto launch. good morning &ppoel d. 3 good morning patrice (ad 3
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only at 3 3 3
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map 50 at 97 maa fibee map map --inter canton biggwheel grand prix and cornhole tournament for caacer four point "oh" --performances, sult jankowiak - live music--big wheel race
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consists of adult ocal barss and ivision and a separate ccildren's race--the only rule is the "ride" must hhvv plastic wheels--beer garden, corrhole ournament, micrr speedway, bean bubbles for kids &pkids 3the ""nter canton big wweel
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grand prix and cornhole tournament for ancer square in cannoo on saturray. for more information, log on to fox baltimorr ot com slash morning. cominn up... it could be days... before we amy winehouse.howwauthorities and it could become the worldds biggeet apple store. where the massive structure... could be built. you're watching fox 45 morning news.. all local.. all mornnng. ((break ))
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p new this morning... the mmn responsible for twin norway teeror attacks... old andres breivik ... who ar
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confessed to the atttcks... says he wants to exxlain hii least 93 people were killed... in friday's downtown bbmbinn... and mass shooting at a nearby youth camp. the wooan accuusng former i- m-f chiee dominique strrass-kaan oo rape... is speaking out for the irst time.the 32-yeer old housekeeper is describinggher account of the allegee attack to "newsweek"magazine. she's also settto appear for a morning.the woman accused strauss-kahn offasssalting her in a new york hotel.. back inn may.he has pleaded not guilty &pto he chargessattorney's for strauss-kahn saa the &phousekeeper going public iss publiccagainst heir client. the victim's ccedibility has come into play.straus-kahn is authorities are investigating .3 p seeies of fires in hollywood. firefighters believe they may have been spaaked pnttntiinally.attleast seven fires were reportee in the arraaover the weekend.most of the blazes started as car
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fires... ut spread tt other structures. ittcould be a whhle... beeore we know exactly what determinn what killed the -win- p7-year old singer is not expected to happen this mmrning.investigators are "unexplaaned."mmanwhile... fans have been stopping by leave flowerssand notes of remembrance.the singer was found dead in her apartment on saturray. the big apple is aaouu tt gee a big pple f itt own... today... officials in new york are expected to vote... on whether to accept apple's thousand square foot store in approved... it would become apple's largest store in the world. coming up... a baby... snatched from his home.who the parents think did t... and how police re nk did paking for your help. but next... time is running out... for lawmakkrs to rrach ceiling. what issue has -
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butting heads. you're watching fox 45 morning ewss. all local.. all morning. 3&((break 3)) ((bump in)) &p weekend talks to resolve he
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nation's debt-ceiling crisis apppaa to have reached a new
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stalemate.senate majority leaderrharry reid and ouse separate proposals.and ass meeisa raney explainss.. the failureeto reach deal iss having an impact on foreign marrets. 3 congressional leaders met no - alone and with presidenn obbma over the weekend trying to ceiling. "the leaders know they need to gree on &ppomething togeeher that will pass the house ann pass thh senate that the president ccn accept."on the aale is a rrpublican plaa to raise the debt ceilinn for theerest of this year... then handle next yyar,,later.but democrats, and the president, say they wann the deal to carry through 2012... fter the electiio."i about his next eleetion, but mm god should not we be wwrried about theecountry? we have a budget deficit of one &pand hall trillion dolllrss we very dollar we spend, weehave
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14 ann a half trillioo ddllar national debt. it is time to get serious about stopping the &pspending here in washington, d.c."failure to reach an agreement in the uus is impacting foreign markets.both asian and australian stooks opened lower monddy morning. currency is also takinn a hit. "this hurts japaness exporters products more exppnsive in he us and ther counnries and so as a result we're eeing japanese stocks,,japanese exporrers down... honda, nissaa, toyota are all down by one-percent.""there's beennall who's going tt be the adulttin the roomm.. s t going to be to be the speaker.. it might in the room that says, enough l &pof all of this folks... get this thing done nd let's mooe on to the next problem." to reach an agreemeet. i'm melisa raney reporting. an obama campaign official says president obamaahas pundraising events tonight in washingtoo... because of the debt-ceiling ituatioo.
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lawmakers wiil reach a deal on 3 before the aagust 2nd deadline? pe'll be taking your calls in &p3&pyou can also go to fox-baltimore dot com nd tell off through facebook. send us and you can text your answee to 5200. enter ox44a for yes.. or fox455 for no. 33&coming up... after a scorcher of a &pweekenn... is more heattin sight??eteorologist steve &pfertig has the forecast... next. ((megan live tease))a baltimore father pleads for his baby's safe return.he's beee missing since friday.i'm megan gilliland, where police are asking you to helpplook ((break 4))
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out in he eat? whhn you
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ssould cut back.. and four tips oosttyinggsaaee. on 3 -inner harbor 3 3 3
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50 map
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aadeeperrte search for a 7- month oldd aby continues this morning.he was last seen baby's parents... believeethey knoo who stole theirrson.megan gilliiand is here with the good morning patrice, with parenns of little ki'yauhn
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birch are getttng more distraught..they're pleeding with thh een who they say sttoe their 7-monnh-old. 7-month-old."you ggt have ssme kinda heart...heeain't walkingg around baltimore cityy.... (tears) " "the boys father... charlie birch... says 16 ear old jonae boozer dated one of his &pfriends...he says, boozer came by his house on lyndhurst street friday night... asking for food...and when birch wwnt to getta cigarette... he says boozer took off witt his son. not knowing if he's k is the worrt part for this family. "i've been on ttis planet 58 yeerss felt a llt of pain, this issmoreesharr than any ain i've felt innmy life" pgive mm my son back right now" me"jooae boozer is a black
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ffeale... around '4... and about 155 ounds.she hhs severallpiercings on her face. baltimmre city pollceeneed information, please call --3 detectives at 410 396 2100. 33&pollce say they've recieved tips suggesting that boozee miggt be in the montgomery oo megaa gilliland, fox45 morning news. 3&police need your hhlp... finding aaman who tried to kkll his girlfriend... by &pcarrit happpned last week... ! along i-95 ...near b---i airport. the susppct... 6- year-old dantt williims... was allegedlyyarguiig with hhs girlfriend... when he punched her in the eye... and threatened to stab her.wwen &pthe victiimpleaded with pilliamss.. to pull over and let her out....he allegedly refused... pushing her out of the car... at speeds as high as 60-mmles-annhhur.when her &pbbdy hit the road... witnesse pay it bounned several times... before she was able
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to craww off the interstate. was inside the car at the time. "the wwiness ssw thissvictim vehichle..and ut of the - fortunately was not struck by any otheerveeichles" vehichles"the victim is expected to make a full recovery..illiams is considereddtt be armed and information... is askeddto call police. 3nats!! nats!! the victims oo 9-11 baltimore city fire deparment played host to the "iron and &psteel" 9-11 memorial ceremony pt the baltimore training academy on sunday. a steel beam from ground zero was escooted from new york to baltimore by the depatmeet riders group. mayyr stephanie rawlings-blake was onn of many and women who ost their lives during the attacks on the world trade center. the beam wiil become part of a memorial
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that pays tribbte to hose fallen heeoes. oday... a hospice for children will begin offering in-patient treetmenn.dr. bob's baltiiore... emphasizes ppin and symptom management... to improve quality of lifee.. or paaients with terminal's the only such facility for children on the east coast.the facilltyy accepts patientssunder the age of 18. kids to forget about their l personal troubles for a whill, is the ggal of the "casee cares foundation". and that goal is achievvd a lot easier f you add pirates to the mix! mmx! joee d. smith is live at theeinner harbor thhs hundred children and their familes are getting ready to hit the ater. 3&p good mooning patrice (ad lib) p, 3
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3 cooing up... same sex arriage... beccoes officialllylegal in new york. howwmany couple tied he knot... the first daa. &pyou're watching fox 5 mornin news.. all local.. all morning. ((bre 3
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((ad lib mmteoooolgist)) 3 3
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3 3 3 3
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coming up... the n-fflllockout could bb ending... as soon as today. and ffee access to local t-v stations... could be coming to an end.what coull be to blame. you're watching fox 45 morning morningg l locaa.. all 3 [ male announcer ] southwest is having a nationwide sale,
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book your $59 southwest getaway only at [ ding ] new thhs mmrning... the man ressonsible for twin norway terroo attaccs... ponfessed to the attacks... ar - says he wants to explain his massacrr to the least 93 people were killed... pn friday's doonnoon bombing... and mass shooting 3wedding bells are ringing....
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couplls in newwyork.sunday marked the first day same-sex marriage became legal in the state.the first ouple to aad 85-year-old... who have been toggther for 23 years. some 764 paars tied the knot pcross the state. an end to the n-f-l lockout coulddhappen as early as today. n-f-l players ssocation members plan to meet in d-- to revvew tte collective bargaining aggeement and vote. owners already approved a &pfour-month lockouu last thhrsday. if all goes well today ... theelockoot will end... and the full regular seeson will be preserved. training camp could start as early as next monday. your free local t-v service... could bb in peopardy.the government wants to tie your local t-v... to the budget deficit problem. egan gilliland explainn action.uá can take action..- sot commercial 446: have you ever heard the word
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speccrum before?it's how yoo get your llcal news, weather, sports and favorite tv shows. sot ommercial 19-24,27-30 : in a nutshell, it's what local tv stattons use to deliver their content to your homea&.you probably kkow it -was- dominated bbytv and m - radio signals.but things liie using more and mmre speetrum. there's a limited amount of spectrum availabll.soa& wireless comppnies are hungry for more of it.:15-:23 sot nab dennis wharton - nabwhat has been planned take a lot of tv ptations possiily off tte aii and that is a valuableeservice to many ameeicans.13:58-14:12 sottsinclair broadcast group the danger is that someday we could nd up not having free over the air tva&&bbt being in n environment where we have to pay for every service. raised 19-billion for the government. now, big businesses like verizon and a-t-and t want more speetruma& whichhcould puu your local t-v airwaves at risk..:41-1:43 sot commercial
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- some big wigs want to have fewer ocal tv stationsa&..((rail audio under)now, the federal wants anothhr auctton of those airwaves.take graphic - comment commmrcial uses of spectrum &pchange over ttme to things like mobile ddviccsa the spectrum must be shifted from histoic uses -like your local pv channels- to accommodate them.end grappicstations could take part in auction profits.. or -may- be forced to give up their spectrum nywayycongress has to approve the uction.sot nab 1:34-:142 broadcasters are the moss effecttve uuers of spectrum. we areeooe to manyy because our serviie goes too &peveryone.if you are oneeof 46 million eople who gets t-- over the aiwaves, your llcal channels may just disappear.if you pay for cable or satellite, your bill may go up with fewer choicessand less compeition..ot sinccair 12:30- 12:44aa the end offthe dayywe areecapable of oing more with llss but that wwn't happen if both parties don't understand &pthey ey
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wwere's the compomise?eepert? about specttum auctions heated up months, the f-c-c its website that auctioning local t-v stations would or generate 300billion ollars to help the budget megan illilan reporting. mark aitken... who you saw in the story... is the vice president of advvnced company, siiclair brradcass grrup..yyu can call your your thoughts on keeping your free... local t-v... as is. ccming p... for comic enthusiasts... and movie fanatics... it was four days of pure many fans ttrneddout... for this year's comic con. &p and in our hometown hotspot... taat that ennine! we take you to an event... that's raising money for you're watching fox 45 morning news.. all looal.. all morning. ((break 7)) p(bump in)) 3
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very colorful ccmic, t-v, and movie fans united thiss weekend for the 2011 comic on. the four day spectacle was yesterday. candacc dold is hereewith more of the etails for today's lowdown. 3 thouuands of fans came out to attend the worrd premiere of "cowboys and aliens" at comic- con interraaional... interrational...con aliens" at comic-con iiternational... international... the dirrctor presented a ssreening almost as big the movie itself... stars like dannel craig, arrison spielberg and ron howard invaded thh san diego civic theatre.they were excited to meet the people who wattc their work on screen/ ford says: "i think the fiim
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we've maae......its a serious pestern in many ways."wilde sayss "this is because......and of course vie harrison ford and daniel craig."favreau their sttrs.......lets bring the whole red carpet and premmere to comic cn"
6:56 am
the red carree extrrvaganza marks theefirst time commcccon has aalowed a movie premiere of thii size festivities. "cowboys and aliens" opens riday. speaking of cowboys and pliens".... t's the big mooie this week. daniel craig and harrison ford sttr in this western. they fighttoff an alien attack. the movie comes out fridaa...buttuniiersal sttdios is having a advanced screening tomorrow night... and they sent us ickets. tickets. you can win a ppir of passss now if you're the 4th or 5th pallee at 410-481-4545. 3&coming up in our 7 o'clocck
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pe take you underwater... for .- a closer look. ((joee live teaae)) you're watchinggfox 45 orning morning. ((break 8)) 3
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breaking news.. juss d-c are confirming they hhve found theemissing child.. whh was snatcheddfrom hhs latest on where he was foundde - 3 and.. what has to happen to finally be over. 3 today is monday, juuy 25th.
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3 3 3- 3 maapfiebr map ((bbeaking news aaimatioo))
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breaking news jjst into our newsroomma missiig 7-month old baby from baltimmre has been found.megan gilliland is here with the very latest. good morning patrice,our ssster station in d-c, is reporting that llttle ki-yauhn he appears to juss fine.aa you can imaaine this news comes as rrlief tt his parents... wwo have been desperatell searching for their son. pleading o tte teen who they say stooe him. him. heart...he ain't walking
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(tears))"ltimore city..... for foodd..later, birch eft ngg the house to get a cigarette... when he got back ph says oozer had takennoff "she was gone like shh just vaaished into ttin aar""iim scaredd people say expect for neeer stolen my son, what's policc say they did receive tips suggesting that boozerr might have been ii the &pmontgomery or rince georrg's county area. again,,little ki-yauhn has been found allve aad this point, police are not &pconfiiming whether he was wit boozee or not.we'll keep you upddted as this developes. megan gilliland, fox45 orning news. aashooting in randallstown .... leaves tto people happened near the
7:05 am
inttrsection oo liberry and chapeldale roads... just before five o''lock sunday night. both victims wwre rushed to shocc trauma... where they're said to be in serious word yet... on any suspects at this pime. police need yur heep... finding a man who trred tt puuhing her out of a moviig car! along i-95 ...near b-w-i aiiport. thh uspect... 36- year-old dante willlams... was allegedly arguing with his girlfriend... when he punched her in the ye... and threatened to stab her.when williams... to pull over and let her ut... heeallegedly &pthe car... at speeds as high as 60-miles-annhour.whhn her body it the road... witnesses say it bounceddseverall times... before she was able to crawl off the interstate. the woman's 14-month old ssn was inside the car at the time. "the witness saw this victim beinggpushed ouu of the &vehich not struck by any other 3vehich"
7:06 am
vehichles"the victim is expected to maae a full recovery.williams is considered to be armed nd daagerous. anyyne with a federal judgg ii set to hear dismiss the remainder of the - brrbery ccarges against a marylandstate senator.priice george's couuty democrat ulyssessccrrie is aacuseddof using his influencc to benefit a grooery store chain... and lying to federal investigattrs. nearly half of thh charges &p trouble for oregon congreesman david wu.nancy pelosi isscalling for an ethics investigation... stemmmng frommaccusations ww made inappropriate sexuaa pdvannes toward a womannthe womma callee an oregon newspaper this spring to report the ncident.she's says he ddesn'ttwant to bring unwanted publicity to the yyung woman or her family. sailing, partyyng.... and
7:07 am
piiates! thaa's the recipe child trying to enjoy a greaa morning on the water.. what the "casey cares foundation" is all about. about. joee d. smith is live aa the inner harbor as &plaunch. ggod orning joel d. 3 ggoo morning patrice (ad lib) 3
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3 coming up... it's a throwback to your childhood!whhre you can find a big wheel race... a game of -3 hometown hotspoo. hotspot. ou're watching fox 45 morning news.. all local.. all morniig. ((bbeakk1)) ♪ [ rock ]
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details.. --performances, live music--big wheel race consists of adult races, featuring a local bars and restaurants division and aaseparate is the "ride" must have y rule - plastic wheels--beer garddn, cornhole tournament, icro bubbles for kidsag toss nd kids thh "inter canton big wheee grand prix nd
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corrhole tournament for caacer our-point-ohh is at o'donnell square in canton on saturday. for more nformation, log on to fox bbltimore dot com lash morning. 3 p, 3
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map fiber map liberty map wwlkkns map 95 at 199
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still ahead.. wwlter reed aa youuknow it... is closing.find out the new locatioo of the military hospit. hospital. you're [ child's voice ] ooh, that looks good.
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[ child's voice ] can i have some? [ child's voice ] you guys should rock, paper, scissors for it. ok. [ chuckles ] best of three? sure. one-two-three-shoot. one-two-three-shoot. [ scoffs ]
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one-two-three-shoot. one-two-three-shoot. one-two-three-shoot. one-two-three-shoot. i win! oh, man. [ muffled ] congratulations. [ male announcer ] get your own bbq pulled pork sub at subway®. tender, slow-cooked pork with irresistibly bold barbecue sauce. subway. eat fresh®. new thissmorning...hundreds of are waking up newlywwds this -
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morning...sunday marked the pirst day same-sex marriage became legal n the sttte.the &pfirst couple to marry... were a 77-year-old and 85- year--ld... who have been together for 23 ears. some the state. 3&afttr morr than a ccntury of treeting woundeddsoldiers... walter reeddarmy hospital is wednesdaa... the hospitallwill - retirr its ceremonial flags. the facility will then move to a new llcatiin n bethesda.... sometime nexx mmnth.the hospital willlofficially close on september 15th. jeffs' ssxual assault trial is scheduued tt begin today.the facing two counts of sex - assault on a child stemming from a 2008 raid on a ranch operated by his chuurh.jeffs is also accused of bigamy. he'll be tried on that charge at later date. ticking as pooitical leaders - prom both parties are still tryyng to reach an agreement
7:21 am
oo rrising ouu nation'' debt earry august... americans rates and a declining dollar. emily schmidt oins us live from wassington with more on the the tense debt talks.eeily? 1( where o things sttnd now?
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that brings us to our uestion &pof the day:do you think lawwakers ill reach a deal before thee agust 2nd eadline? we'll be taking your calls later this hour. 3still to come.. the woman accusing the former head of the -m-f ...of rape &pis speaking ut.but find out &pwhat his attorney's are sayin about he victtm's interviews interviewsbut firrt....dates have beennfloatinggaround ass to whennit will end...but is today... rralll the ddy?the latest on the n-f-l you're
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watching fox 45 morninn news.. all local.. aal morning.
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ould footballlofficially be back thh plan ... as of now. the playerr union executive committe is scheeuled to vote pn the colllctive baagaining aggeement todaa. it was ssgned off on by owners last week... &pbut in a surpriie move ... th players heed off. and there is still some talk ... that some last minute wrangling could puss the vote tootomorrow. everyday this drags on ... is a day that puts a full football season in jeopardy. soowhere do hings stand ... and what's in store for football this season? john maroon, president of maroon p.r. joons us this morning.-will there be a vote toddy-last minute request for players to be able
7:27 am
tooopt out at 7 yearr in this new 10-year cba agreement-why didn't players sign ast wednesday -how doee t lay outtfrom here...facclities
7:28 am
has to recertify ... then nion ratify camps start...playyr transactions start-pre-season ordeal will have on the seassn ... or are bygones ... bygones 3
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coming up.. e'reecontinuing to follow bbeeking neww into our newsroom. the missing 7 mmoth old baby froo baltimore is found safe!!here officials boy... next. you're watching fox 45 morning news.. all loccl.. alllmorning. ((break 4))roscopes)))- out in he eat? whhn you ssould cut back.. and four tips oosttyinggsaaee. on [ child's voice ] ooh, that looks good.
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((breaking news animation)) breaking news just into our neesrooo.a missing 7-month old baby from baltimore has been found.meganngilliland s here with the very latest. good mmrning patrice,our sister station in d-c, is birch was juss foond in -yauhn - northeest d-- just moments ago. can iiagine this news comes as have been deeperately searching for their son. pleaaing to the teen who thhe him."you got have some kinda heart...he ainnt walking arounddbaatimore city..... (tears) " "the boys father... charlie birch... sayss16 year old
7:35 am
jonae oozer dated one of his frieeds...he says,,boozee came by is huse on lyndhurst street friddy night... asking por food...later, birch left the hhuse to get a cigarette... wwen he got backk he says boozer had taken off with hhs son.not knowing if he was ok was the worst part. "i've been on this planet 58 years, felt a loo of pain, this is morr sharp than any pain i've felt in mm life" "give me my son back right now" "i want him in my armm with me" me""oliceedid eceive tips suggessing that boozer might peorge's county area. again, little ki-yauhn has been found alive nd this point, police are not confirming whether he was with at thh house where they found him right now.we wiil update
7:36 am
innormation.megan gilliland,, fox45 morning news. the extreme heat we'veebeen havingg.. is caasing serrous problems for firefighters. firefighterr. over the treated foorheat exhaustion... &pafter battling a 4-alarm fiie. it happened eaaly saturday morning... at kauffman prooucts on ccrris venue. one itness says he heard a series of ten expllsions... and called 9-11. the fire forced residents to evacuate... as nearly 100 firefighters worked to put out the fire..he caaue is currently nder investigatioo. another firefighter is he eeded up in the hospital with heat exhaassion after fighting a blaze n southwest baltimore. creww sppnt sunday morning battling this 2-alarr fire n connectciut avenue. this is a ppcture of the scene everyone inside the home was able tt get out. and rememmer when you see news it... send it!you can upload photos and ideos to fox baltimore dot's easy,
7:37 am
just lik onnthe seeeit, shoott it, send it can also cell phone to pics at fox your &pbaltimore dot com. authorities are innestigating a serres of fires in hollywood. have been sparrkd veethey mmy - fires ere reported in the area ver the weekend.most of the blazes started as ar fires... buttssread to other sttuctures. some b-g-e custommrs are heated... over an emergency power rrduction that left them without air condittoning during one of the hottest ddys in maryland history. hissory.some customers went without a-c for more than ssx &phouus ffiday... after the utility company implemented restrictions to conserve energy.turns out it's all paat of b-g-e's "peak rewards" program.... which gives customers an annual rebbte of up to 200 bbckss.. if they're willinn to tolerate rotating cutoffs of heir air conditioning..t's he first time in four yearr b-g-e took such stees.but some customers much.... and thee weren't too
7:38 am
09:15 "and in the middll of a hot, hot afternoon." afttrroon..b-gge says they communications... and clearly remmnd everyone of ow the evvryone to know circumstances of the extrrme heat... - but alss because there was a probbem with one their transformees... whiihh has since been fixed. &p3track construction begins todayy.. for thh altiiore start at 7 o'clock tonight... in front of tte inner harbor &pamphitheattr... near the intersection of pratttand light streets.the ornerstone race track wall will be placed... ssgnifying theestart of construction on the 2-mile temporary street circuit. thousands are expected to aatend the event... which takes place september 2nd to 4th. 3the man responsible ffr twin norway terror attacks... old annres breivik ... who confessed to the attacks... says he wants to explain his massacre to the public.att least 93 peopll were killed... in friday's downtown
7:39 am
bomminn... and mass shootinn at a nearby youth camp. the woman accusing former i- mmffchief dominique strauss-kkhn of rape... is time.the 32-year old pousekeeper is describing her account of the alleged attack too"newsweek"magazine. she's &palso set to appear for a &ptelevisioo interview this &pmorning.the woman acccsedd strauss-kahn of assualting her in a new ork hotel.. back in may.he hhs pleaded not guilty to the's for strauss-kahh say the housekeeper going pubbic is just a ploy to ppison the publiccagainst their client. the ictim's credibility has court... next week. in ahn is nation's debt-ceiling crisis appear to have reachedda new leaderrharryyreid and housee separate proposals.and the - failuue to reach a deal is marrets. llwmakerr have until pugust second to make a decision.
7:40 am
thaa briigs us to ur question of the dayydo you think pawmakers will reach a deal we'rr taking your calll right &pnow... the number to caal410- allowing critcally ill kids to forget about their personal troublls for a wwile, is the goal of the "casey cares foundationn. and that goal iisachieved a lot eesierrif you addd irates o the mix! live atttte inner harbor his - hundred children and thhir familes are getting ready to hit the water. p3good morninn patrice (ad -3
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3 still to come.. are we finally done with these triple digit temperaturrs??-&me you''e waaching fox 45
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coming up.. they've beennat it for weeks lawmakers have been wrestling over the debt ceiling... but if ttey dont' come uppwitt a solution could suuf. quession of the yoo r - think lawmakerr ill reach a deal before the august ndd deadline?our phone lines arr open noo.. 410-481-4545.
7:49 am
you're watching fox 45 morni animation))
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7:51 am
pooh ides of the aisle can't peem to come to a decision about raising the debb eiling. and the august econd deadline ooms.if a decision isn't dline reached oon... the american people could suffer by losing iiterest rates.... and aised - rates.that brings us to our question of you think lawmakers wwll each a deaa before the august 2nd deadline?our phoneelines are open now.. 410-481-4545. 4- doris / baltimooe5- darryl / alttmore
7:52 am
baltimorelinsey "never. too many judgmental differencessbetween the two parties. unfortunately, we will be the ones to ave to their accions, nottthem." them."debi "this will effect py son.... my husband andd
7:53 am
myself. please agree on pomething. i can't afford to just stop isability... ss... retirement checks suddenll. lose their homes without tteir " monee?"kimberly " i sure hope they do sooething do they understand how many people will lose their hhmes and go pupposee to do that can not - work? and what about the elderl? pederly?" coming uu in our 8 o'clock &phour.. it's a throwback to your chhldhood!where you cannfind a cconhole and ore... all for a &ppreat cause.. .nnxt in yyur poospot.and under the sea...llteralll!what seaworld is doing to get the word oou you''r watching fox 455 orning news.. all local.. all morning. ((buup in)) 3
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coming up innour o'clock
7:59 am
missing bbby boy from baltimore is found safeefind watching fox 45 morning a missing baby is foond safe
8:00 am
8:01 am
anddsound... just ovvr an hour long he was ggne.. and where he as found. 3 &p3 &p and.. hot dog!whaa goos into this 80-dollar treat.. that &pcosts so much mooey. 3
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-inner harbor 3 monday, july 25th , 3
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pap liberty map 3 &p 3 new inffrmation just into our newsrrom on a developiig storr
8:05 am
is suspected of taking a missiig boo.. s in olice pustody...and was found with the child at a bbs ssoo.little ki-yauhn birch and 11 ear old be you can imagine to - this ews comes as relief to hii paaents... who have been desperately searching for their son since fridayy friday."you got have sooe around baltimore ain't walking city..... (tears) " "the boys father... charlii on yndhursttstreet friddy date3 night... asking for ood. later, biichhleft the house to get a cigarette..ut when he got back, he says boooer had taken off with ki-yauhn. "she was gone llke she juus vanished nto thin air"""'m sccaed, people say expect for the wwrst, she should have
8:06 am
never sttlen my son,,what's yoor otive?" again, little ki-yaahn has noww been found allve and this point, police are not with boozer.we'll bring you more information as this story continues to develope. police needdyour help... finding a man who tried to kill his pushing her out of a moving car! car!itthappened last week... pirportt the suspect... 36- her in the eye... nd threatened to stab her.when williims... to pull over and refused... pushing her out oo say she bouncee seveeal high - times... beforeeshe as able pas inside the car at the time. "the wiiness saw this victim being pushed out of the veeichle..and fortunately was
8:07 am
not struck by any other vehhchl" expected to make a full recovery.williams iss dangerous. anyone with and - iiforration... is asked to in the case against michael jackson's former doctor. doctor.dr. conraadmurray is facing invvountary &pmanslaughter charges... in th singer's death.tooay... &plawyerss ill ry to determine phat part of a michaee jackkon as eeidence.jury selection is d sst to get underway in &p it could be a whiie... beforeeww know eeactty what caused tte death of amy autopsy to determine what killed the 27-yyar old sinner is ot expected to happen his porning..nvestigators are still alling her deeth fanss ave been stoppinggby winehouse's london flat... to peave flowees and notes of poond dead in hee apartment on saturday.
8:08 am
an end to the n---l lockout could happen as early s todayy today.n-ffl playerss ssooation memmers plan to meet in d-c to review the colllctive bargaining agreement and vote. owners already approved a tentative agreement to end the four-month lockoot last thursday. iffall gges well todayy... the lockout will season will be reserved. trainnng camp could start as early as neet monday. so much ffr falling gas &pprices...over the past two peeks... prices at the pump have jumped 99 ents.that's according tt the lundberg 3-dollars and 70-cents a s - gallon.ann that's exactlyywhat &ptrack constructioo begins today... ffr tte baltimore grand's exppctee to start at 7 o'clock tonight.... in front of the inner harbor aaphitheater... near the inteesection of pratt and lighh streets.thousands are expected o attend the eveet... which takes ppace septembbr 2nd to 4tt. saiiing, partying.... and
8:09 am
pirates! that's the recipe for a perfect day if you're child trying to enjoy a great and experiences like this are &pwhat he "casey cares &pfoundation" is alllabout. about. joel d. smith is live at the iiner harbor as the swashbucklerssprepare to joel d.. 33 good morning pattice (ad 3
8:10 am
3 it could verr wwll be... the porll's most expensivvehot og. dogg a massachusetts baseball team hhs ntroduued
8:11 am
whoppiig 8-bucks. it's 3 &pmade rom ingredients raaely menu. thh one-of-a-kind hot dog features a half-pound all-beef sausage... rolled in dust of pulverized porcini white truffle shavvngs. tte read roll is buckwheat blini... handcrafted by one of thh areas's most exclusive bakeries. coming up innour coming up in our hometown hotspot... start your enginn... we take you live to an event... that's raising money for cancer.... one race at a tiie. you're watchhng fox 45 morning nees.. alll
8:12 am
local.. all morning. 3((bump out)) p(bbeaa 1)) 3
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p-inter canton big wheel grand prix and cornhole tournament for cancer four oint "oh" --raise money for the harry
8:15 am
and jeanette weinberg cancer hospital-leslie sull jankowiak --big wheel race consists of adult rrces, featuring a local bbrs and restaurants division and a separateechildrenn' race --the onlyyrule is the "ride" mustthave plastic wheels--beer garden, cornhole tourrament, micro speedway, bean bag toss and bubbles for kids the "inter canton big wheel grrnd prix and cornhole four-point-oh" is at o'donnell squarr in canton on saturday. for more information, log on pore on sattrday.square in cancerrfour-point-tournnment for prii and coorhole big thee"inter canton biggwheel n - grand prixxand coonhole tournaaent
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for cancer four-point-oh" iss at o'donnell ssuare in canton on saturdayyfor more information, log on to fox morning.e dot com sllsh
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3&coming up....dread waking up in the morring?how one special plarmmclock... caa make your morning routine....a lttle easier. but next... back-to- school-shoppiig has already pxpected to spend on their kids... thii upcominggschooll morning neess. all local.. all ((break 2))
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3p(bbmp in))
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((bump in)) your kidd may not be ready for rettilers are. the second- pear is aboot to kick into e - high gear. wwll ou find steaas and dealssthis summerr.. or shouud you wait cllssroom? karin caifa hhs the forecastt.. in today's consumer watch. during summer's sweltering days, retailers want you to think fall, and think back-to- the reeail season second only to the olidays, one that's expected to ring up ver 68 billion dollars in salee this year. with the econooy still ssaky, the natiinal retail ederation expects ttatteven though the recession is over, it's still fresh on
8:23 am
the minds of americcn families. their annual survey expects back-to-school pending to be flat ccmpared o last yeer, about 603 ddllars onnclottes and shoes, school supplies and &pelectronics, slightly ess college-age students wwll th spend 800 dollars on back-to-campus needs, down from 8355 last year. so &pretailers plan to showcase itemm where cautious consumers can get greeter banggfor thh buck.this year'' theme for &nec best value, and o you're quality erccandise, or being pble to have an extended addition to good prices.sales &pwiillstarttearly to get shoppers in-store and consumers should kkep an eye on social edia for iscounts too. for ccnsumer watch, i'm karin caifa. coming up... have yyur aaarm
8:24 am
you up..hat other morning routines it can help you out with. and later... forbes magazine raaks the top-earringg"idols." how much carrie underwood raked in... last 45 morniig news...all locall. aal morning. ((break 3)) 3((bump in))
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coming up... 3&move over planking... there's &pa new treed in town. town.we''llshow you whhre peoppe have been spotted... áowling.á 3 you're watching fox 455 morningg 3
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fiber map 3 3 newwinformation just into our newsroom on a deeeeoping story his morning... we now know.. the teen that i suspected of &ppolice custody.. and was foun with the chill at a busssttp. sttp.little ki-yauhn birch nn founddin northeast d-c just
8:33 am
about two hours ago.the child is being checked out by firefighhers.. buttappears to bb you can imaggin this news comes assrelief to pis parents... who haveebeen desperately seerching for their son since friday..e are now learning hattbbozer.. was babyyitting the child.. when paltimmre city police are heading to d-c to help with the investigatiin. &pthe man responsible for twin norway terror attacks... appears in court today.32-yyar old andres breivik ... who confessed to thh attacks... says he wants to explaiinhis - &pleass 93 people werr killed... in friday's downtown bombing... ann mass shooting at a neerry youth campp some b-g-- customers re power reduction ttat left ttem withoot air conditioning during one of the hhttest days pn maryland history. history.some customers went withoutta-c for more than six utility company implemented restrictions to conserve of b-g-e's "peak rewards" prt - program.... whhcc gives
8:34 am
customers an annuaa rebate of up to 00 bucks... if they're willinngto tolerate rotating cutoffs of heir air's the first time in ouu years b-g-e took such teps.but some customers ffel... the cutbacks were too much.... and they weren't given any nooicc. 09:11 "and in the middle offa hot, hht afternoon." &pafternoon."b-g-e says they will review heir communicatiins... and clearly &premind everyone of how the program works.they want everyone to know ircumstannes oo friday were unusuallbecause thereewas a problem witt onn has since been fixed. 3nats!! nats!! the victims of 9-11 steel" 9-11 memorial ceremony - at the baltimore rainnng academy on sunday. a steel beam from ground zero was escorred from nee york to baltimore by the baltimore county fire &p mayor stephanie rawlings-blake waa one of many who gathered to honor the en world trade center. the beam on- wiil become parr f a memorial
8:35 am
fallen heroos. allowing critcally ill kids to forget about their peesonal troubles for a while, is the goal of tte "casey that goal is achieeed a lott easiir if you add pirates to mii! jjel d. smith is morning where more than one hundred children and their famille are getting reedy to hit the water. good morning megann (ad lib) 3
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8:37 am
3 3&next ime someone criticizes your "american idol" dream... mention this. phis.carrie underwood is number one... on forbes list pf "the top earninn ameriicn iddls."last year... sse arned dollars.other idol big wigs include rocker chris daughtry... and glamboy adam didn't even win!fantasia barrino and jordii sparkss round out the op five.. coming up... snow in july?where in the
8:38 am
u-s... people are áskkiing.á 33 and make room for a ne trend... where áowlingá... has all looal.. alll orning. ews..
8:39 am
?y?y?y?yçç> "it's wwird being on snow. i'm
8:40 am
used to the sand." a ski resort in lake tahoee benefits of this year's reeord breaking snow fall. this s what'' left of the recordd breaking 800 inches of now. it'ssgiving sports... in the heat of the - summer. hundreds hit the slooes, even though they were dressed or the sand. ((toss to weetter)) (((d llb meteorologist))
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map fiber map 195 map liberty
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the smurfs.. in 3-d... hits theaters friday... but we wannt baltimmre.the 4th and 5th alllr right now at nd 5th 410-481-4545 wins a family ffur pacc f tickets to a advanced creening tonight. &pcooinggup next... it's the latest craze... on youtube.we'llltell you whatt how it compares to planning. and later... controversiaa ttaffic stop... caught on camera.what the the driverryyu're watthing fox - all morning. ...all ocal.. - ((break 6)) ((bumppin))
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the nurse notice it first and hi was having trouble breathing. we needed to make this decision pretty quickly and it was either the bypass or the heart transplant. i watch the "700 club" a lot and i have seen so many miracles on that show. so i called and they prayed with me. within a day or so he started making a reversal. even the doctors were shocked. we'vv been talking a lot over
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the past month or so....abbut don't know what planking iis.. - let's show you some iieo. viddo. 3 3 &p3 ppparently now... like owls!you can see... ched - people attempt toodo it in all sorts offodd places. ppaces. 3 33 3 this trend is so popular... therr's even a facebook
8:49 am
popular... there's this trend is so this trend is so popular... there's even a facebookkpage ddddcated to it. let's take a look. look. coming up...
8:50 am
imagine seeing áthisá... while walking downnthe street.whht the man was tryinn et... before falling headdfirst... inno a sewer. and in ur hometown hotspott.. start your engine... we take &pyou livv to an event... that' rrising money for cancer.... one race at a'rr watthing fox 5 morning news.. ((break 7))
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why not cruise from baltimore? visit today. lookout ii over! the n-f-l
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n-f-l players asssccation aad h the n-f-l came to an agreement on terms offa collective bargaining agreement.the players do still need to vote on it today.. but it is a facilities will open as early as tomoorow and training camps will begin phuusday and fridayynext season's schedule will go ahead as scheduled. ((bump in)) these are the moments you wouldn't believe... unless they were caught on camera. offiier's dash cam -police n
8:54 am
them right away... that hh was caaryiig a weapon.-listen to what one of them says... "you'reesupposeddto tell e tryiig to sire you told me... you re supposed to say that right off the god áá bat. i'm so close to aving nnyour god áá head. i'll tell you what i &psaw your gun... i should have &pssepped two steps back and let you rop." 40 and just put 3 drop."-situatiin still unddr investigatton ,3 over like toys at a kentucky s
8:55 am
airport-winds up to 75- miles-per-hour-planns were anchored at the time -reportedly the wwrst damage seen at that airporr in years -how far would you go to get yourrwallet back?- alifornia califfrnia was baak?your wallet back?- california was willing to crawl head-fiist pown a sewer manhole... after dropping his wallet -then he &pgot stuck-someone called for help after eeing a paar of lees flailing out of a mannole -ttok 4 irefighterss40 minutee tt pull him out-it's uncllar if he everrgot is wallet back. -u.s. open tournament... but not tennis
8:56 am
or golf-instead... sand castles -took place along casttesstook placeeallng californii's imperial beech--more ttan 30 teams took part in he competiiion-competed for 22- thousand ddllars innppize money-first lace &pwent to a sculpture that paid tribuueeto our troops. coming up on good day baltimore... who knew heat waves... could have mascots?we'll tell yoo this one. 3& you''e watching fox 45 morning neww.. all local.. 3
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3 monday, july 25th. 3- heat by getting out of the sun.... but he also wants to take his pool with him. him.